Thursday, October 30, 2014

Craftsy launch Tuesday, November 4!

How would you like to work in a place like this?

photo: Craftsy

Yes, there are people who actually have jobs like this ... over 200 of them!  It's in a place called, "Denver," which has the distinction of being a "mile high" up in the sky and to being home of Craftsy where you can ...

photo: Craftsy 

I learned of Craftsy in July when an email appeared in my inbox announcing a class. What caught my eye was their great graphic artwork!  I went to the site and thought, "Hey, what's this?"  The wheels started turning and before long I was sending a email saying, "Wouldn't you like to offer an enameling class?"   A few days later came a response, "Of course we would!"

The detail to which Craftsy produces a class is like nothing I've ever experienced before.  I had two lengthy conversations with Grace, their acquisitions editor, where we discussed the content of the class.  I submitted a formal class proposal backed-up with photographs. A contract was signed and I was passed off to my producer, Amana.  

Over the few weeks, Amana and I talked on the phone for 4 hours, going over the class outline.  Because I was teaching in Denver in late August and the filming was scheduled for mid-September, Amana came and spent several hours observing the workshop and reading my first book.  Her intent, before filming, was to know as much about my topic as a student leaving a workshop.  She sure accomplished her goal.

What I guess I'm trying to say is that Craftsy's preparation through all phases of the class development, starting with their interactions with the instructor,  insures that you have a great learning experience.  

photo: Craftsy

The launch of the class is Tuesday, November 4.  Please visit my blog every day until then because I'll be posting more information about my experience, what you can expect to learn in my class, and information about the learning powerhouse known as "Craftsy!"  And, guess what?  We'll be having a class giveaway!  So, come back for the next episode ... "Craftsy: How it All Began."

Friday, October 24, 2014

White is White ... Except for When It's Not!

Thompson Enamel produces 9 different white enamels, which gives the enamelist some nice variety.  So, if you're looking for a more translucent white, you can find that with 1040.  If you're looking for a very opaque white, you can find that with 1055 and 1060.  But, if you're looking for one of my favorites, you'll find that with 1020, which is also very opaque.

While I like 1055 and go to it often, I find 1020 to be much more reactive to copper when torch-firing the enamel.  To me this means that with just a little over-firing, you can get gorgeous blue-green freckles peeking through the surface of the white enamel.  If you've got a big lampworking torch like I do, I can over-fire enamel all day for special effect, with very little effort.  If you have a smaller torch, the fact that 1020 is so reactive will make a big difference.

Today I took a break from packing for Art Retreat on the Prairie to play with some Titanium White.  Here are the results ...

I really got into decorating #1.  You know the old joke, "How many artists does it take to do a painting?  The answer is "two."  One to do the painting and the other to shoot him when he's done."  Yes, it's easy to continue to play with color because it's so addictive! 

#2 was simply several layers of 1020.  When you over-fire enamel, it pulls away from the edges, leaving you a rusty, crusty frame around the piece ... which I LOVE!  This piece is sans decoration now, but will probably get a ceramic decal!  

#3 is given the same firing technique, but is decorated with Flame Orange and Raspberry (transparent).  

Speaking of 2836 - Raspberry ... if this is one of your favorite colors, please know that it is currently unavailable and will not be available for AT LEAST a month.  There are issues with the availability of the ingredients that go into make the glass.   Now for the shameless plug ... We have some in stock

One of the perks of being a Thompson Enamel distributor is knowing what's available, what's in the pipeline, and what's dried up like a cracked river bed ... at least temporarily. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dammit! I HATE google!!!

I have a love-hate relationship with google.  I don't want to even honor the name by starting it with a capital letter!   I'm glad they're not in the room with me now or someone would get hurt!

The first thing ... I thought it would be a great idea to start an etsy de-stash page ... to offer inventory to customers at greatly reduced prices.  Enamel beads, pendants, etc. grow like Gremlins at our studio because we generate them during demos, workshops, and when we have fun experimenting with enamel color combinations. (Stay tuned for that, btw.)

So, I set up a gmail account ""  Well, this great idea for the destash shop never got off the ground ...  But, do you know what gmail account google made as primary ... yes, you guessed it!!!

GUESS WHAT?  You can never ever change your primary google account for as long as you live!!!  So, now I'm stuck with a gmail account that is primary and which I have never used.  Until yesterday, I never even looked at it and found I've missed some notices from Youtube, etc.  Sorry, friends, if I missed your call.

So then I got this other bright idea to start a new blog and try to get my followers to the blog with the same name as our business:  Painting with Fire Studio.  When I started this blog (the one you're reading now)  in 2008, I was masquerading as Painting with Fire Artwear.  Over time, I felt this name didn't as accurately reflect who we were ... so the name change.

In the process of doing that, we lost the "Google Friend/Follower" gadget!  I still have the friends listed on my dashboard, but I dare you to try to install that gadget because GOOGLE RULES THE WORLD!!!  The gadget is broken ... boo hoo, F .... YOU!  (I'm sorry, now I'm beginning to cuss!)

I love their search engine, but Google Messenger, Google+, and the rest of the Google Empire sucks!!!  Oh, but I did like that movie, "Interns," with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn where they're interning at Google.  You definitely must watch that ...

Look for more creative stuff and less ranting on this blog.  I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings because you love Google ...

P.S.  The solution might be for me to stop having "great ideas" ... because they get me in trouble with google!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sale at PWF, Book No. 2 Pre-orders at Amazon …

Gosh, a lot happened yesterday.  But first let's get to the thing that is time sensitive.  We're having a sale at PWF!  Heck yeah!  We have a lot to be happy about …

A facebook friend called to my attention the fact that Book No. 2 was available for pre-order at Amazon.  Holy cow! 

This is the result of very generous online supporters.  These figures will fluctuate wildly, especially in the beginning, but I'm enjoying the glow of the moment.  Thank you!  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to train employees …

I get lots of email from customers & students asking questions and I almost always send a copy of my responses, for educational purposes, to Laura, David and Rachel, who help me run the business.  My daughter, Laura, is our Business Manager.  While she knows a great deal about the areas of Finance and Business Management, I have her beat on the subject of enameling.

I send these responses to help educate them. So, Laura asked me the other day if I could put "Info" as the subject line of the emails so that she could easily flag them.  She continued, "You know you're not always going to be here."  So, I said, "What if I use "When I'm dead and gone" as the subject line?"  We both cracked up!

The DEAD part we know doesn't leave us with many options, but the GONE part ... I mean, you might find me on a beach in Tahiti!  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to school and a neat project!

In January, I went back to school!  Yes, you're never to old to learn.  We have a great vocational program two miles from my house.  It's the Bench Jeweler's Program at Pinellas Technical.  The program is headed by Mr. Do, who's been teaching it for 29 years. I'm amazed at the projects the students are working on.  Of course, since I'm just getting started, I'm working on soldering some small jump rings.  26-gauge, 2mm jump rings are not the easiest things to solder.  It does teach you control of the flame, however.  

Here's my beginning …

Here's Ken's finished chain … 

Let me tell you, his chain represents probably over 400 jump rings.  Soldering small diameter, fine wire jump rings will sure teach you control of your torch!  Ken has just started on his chain with 26-gauge, 1mm jump rings!  Yikes!  

Switching gears a little bit … I'm finishing a Mixed Media Workshop sponsored by the Morean Arts Center.  We worked with resin, patina, enamel, vintage watch crystals.  We made our own jump rings, soldered them, tinted resin with pearl-ex powders and paint.  Here's what Kathy made …

And, here's the lovely Kathy wearing her great necklace!   

We used snippets from a rhinestone chain and a 1934 Montgomery Ward catalog.  It was fun!

Have you been working with some unusual materials lately … or want to?  Which ones?  Please share! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What the heck's been going on at Painting with Fire?

A lot's going on, but you wouldn't know it by my blog!  Facebook seems to have lured me away from my blog, at least temporarily.  You can find me at two facebook groups I started.  The first is "Happy Accidents,"  which is where we share the serendipities of working in the studio.  You know, when things accidentally work in our favor!  Why don't you join me here:

"Painting with Fire: Inspired Enameling" is a new facebook group for those who torch fire enamel using the immersion method but we're happy to have others who share an interest in enameling.  Here's a handy link for your convenience:    You'll also find posts here about where you can find workshops.

There's a great facebook group called "Enamel Jewelry Artists" started by Amy Sanders.  You'll find lots of talk about graphite experiments, decals, resists, etc.  You can find that group here:

Speaking of decals, we'll be discussing them here soon. 

In the meantime, let me announce that I'll be teaching at "Art on the Prairie," sponsored by Vivi Magoo Presents.  There's an interesting story about Rachel Ashwell and her B & B, The Prairie.   I'm looking forward to the event for a number reasons, including the fact that we'll be offering a PWF Teacher Certification program there. 

Here's the Shield of Faith workshop, where we'll explore overfiring of enamel and much more.  The only enamel used in this pendant was 1055 White.  All of this color is a result of overfiring.  I think it's one of the most exciting things about enamel. We'll also do some riveting. 

In the Pop Rocks workshop we'll focus on 6/20 enamel and how to enamel brass, how to shop for it, why is one successfully enameled and another isn't … 

In the PWF Teacher Certification workshop, we'll explore lots of enameling techniques and then we'll talk about how to build your business!

Please visit Barb Solem's outstanding event.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What seemingly impossible task will you tackle in 2014?

Do you sometimes look at others and think, "I could never do that."  I know I did.  It's sad that so many of us believe this.

Is it time for a little pep talk?  No one will hear you … go for it!  What if I made some time for myself today?  What if I put myself first?  What if I started the day with creative work rather than paperwork? What if … what if … what if …

What if I bring that big sofa through the window instead of through the front door?

Remember to practice possibility thinking!  You know, we're all not brain surgeons and yet we manage to do many things well!  Hugs, Barbara


Thursday, December 19, 2013


This video reflects a movement taking place in Ann Arbor, Michigan … and all around the country, including in St. Petersburg.  Keep St. Petersburg Local is a collection of indie business owners supporting the idea of BUYING LOCAL when YOU can.  Look to your local businesses first … you get to meet the guy who "imagines" the stuff,  makes the stuff, sells the stuff.  Keep your community unique, BUY LOCAL! 

Please watch this video!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Atomic Bazaar Craft Show!

I've been looking forward to this craft show since last year when I went to Sarasota to check it out!  It's got a good bit of funk & "oddities" and the show is very lively.  Please stop and say hello.  We'll be in the Bayfront Room, which is conveniently located near a huge parking lot! 

The show will be held at the Sarasota Municipal Building, 801 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236.  This is the building you're looking for …  

Hope to see you at the show!